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Every Day Create's first self-help book

The Pole Position: Is Stripping For You?
(And How to Stay Healthy Doing It)

This thin volume dresses itself as a smart, sassy how-to guide for strippers, but peel off that outer layer and underneath you will find a soulful reflection on life and womanhood. Half memoir and half self-help, Sheila Hageman's wise and witty observations will enlighten all her readers: aspiring strippers, and everyone else.

– Wendy Wisner, Epicenter and Another Place of Rocking

Sheila Hageman's The Pole Position: Is Stripping For You? is a guide and a soul-searching journal for those considering stripping as a vocation. A former stripper, and now a married mother of three, a writer and college professor, Hageman is not ashamed of her past. In fact, she uses her lessons learned to provide insight and opportunities for her reader to self reflect. This book is for anyone curious about what it's like to be a stripper.

– Sandra Hurtes, On My Way To Someplace Else